Some Frequently Asked Questions


How to hide modal thumbnail?
You can also hide modal thumbnail by visiting wp-admin -> settings -> Galeria Options -> Modal style and at the bottom you will find "Show modal thumbnail image?". Just turn it off.
How to hide modal content?
You can also hide right modal comments, social, title section. Please go wp-admin -> settings -> Galeria Options -> Modal style.Then turn off Hide modal complete right section. You can also hide individual section.
How to change modal Background?
You can change basically everything related to modal style. wp-admin -> settings -> Galeria Options -> Modal style. Change the color as you wish. You can also change close color. If you want transparent background use rgba(0,0,0,0.65) inside color field instead of hex color
How to translate to my language?
There are not much text to translate for galeria plugin. You can go to wp-admin -> settings -> Galeria Options -> Translation. Then change the text in your language. That's it.